The industries We service

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Digital supply chain

All kinds of transactions go from offline to online, simplifying all kinds of transactions

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Global logistics

We have strong logistics capabilities and numerous partners around the world, providing customers with various solutions

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Wisdom storage

Our warehouse has the digital ability to monitor the warehouse dynamics in real time

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Supply chain finance

We provide trade financing services for suitable customers, and help them successfully complete their orders

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Big data

Digital platform accumulates a large amount of data for customers' transactions and provides important reference for customers' business decisions

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B2B e-commerce

B2B e-commerce platform provides consumers with various commodity choices

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Various Bulk Commodity Transactions

We have a lot of experience in the import and export of various bulk commodities, and have a strong logistics network and business network

Clothing and cloth industry

Various knitting and woven fabric industries

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From supermarket display shelves to furniture accessories

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Appliances industry

A wide variety of small household appliances

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Excellent quality furniture industry

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Various planting industries facing farmers

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About Us

eTradeFast Cloud Platform is China's leading supply chain technology service platform

eTradeFast provides multi-industry and multi-level supply chain solutions through high-end teams with rich experience in science and technology industry, vertical trading SaaS and big data platform technology, integrates business flow, logistics, information flow and capital flow, reshapes the operation mode of traditional industries, and forms industrial chain synergy. We are committed to making our customers establish this honest, reliable and stable trade partnership with their trading partners more quickly, and create a win-win business space.

Our mission

Make the transaction fairer, faster and more secure.

eTradeFast Cloud Platform was established in 2014, and started independent design and research. It is based on the Internet and mobile Internet, and it is a platform for visual dynamic management (information flow, capital flow and logistics) of supply chain and supply chain finance, which is built by using big data, blockchain and mobile Internet of Things technologies. Its purpose is to solve the problem of information asymmetry in the transaction process by means of information technology, so as to realize the visualization and dynamic management of the supply chain, improve the efficiency of the supply chain and reduce the trade risk.

Our History

International logistics

Provide international shipping, air transportation, and other modes of transportation

Integrated supply chain service

Provide import and export agency, purchasing, distribution, export tax rebate, insurance and other one-stop services

SaaS service

Provide customers with digital information services

Business ecosystem drived by technology

Take the Internet as the center, provide customers with intelligent services, and build a business ecosystem

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